Bon Marine supported the construction of the new center for social, health and educational services of Karin Dom


The new therapeutic and educational complex of Karin Dom in Varna was officially opened on 19.09.2022. The services offered in it have been expanded and are aimed at children from Varna, the country and abroad. The center is fully designed and equipped for the application of modern methods of therapy for children and expands the work of the specialists working in it.

The construction of the new center began on April 12th, 2021. The new building is planned to create a highly functional space for the therapy of children with special needs and a modern training center.

For the equipment of the new complex, Karin Dom exclusively relied on sponsors. Bon Marine, as a long-time partner of the organization, once again got involved with financial support in the process of building the new complex.

With the construction of the new specialized center, the organization continues the work of the diplomat and philanthropist Mr. Ivan Stanchov, who founded Karin Dom 26 years ago. Karin Dom is one of the first civil organizations in Bulgaria, which leads a fight against the institutional care of children with disabilities and which has a qualitatively new approach to children with special needs and their families.