In the beginning of January 2019,  the active phase of the third exploration drilling –Melnik I, conducted by Total E&P Bulgaria B.V. in block 1-21 Khan Asparuh in the exclusive economic zone of Republic of Bulgaria in the Black Sea was finished. As for the previous two drillings, the logistics was done by Bon Marine in cooperation with the Spanish company Geodis Wilson Spain SLU.

Аlready established facilities were used for the Logistics base, with the help of the port operator on the territory of Lesport Port Terminal, part of Port with national importance – Varna.

The drill was again conducted by the drilling vessel Globetrotter II, owned by the American consortium Noble Drilling, supported by three specialized platform supply vessels (PSV). Crew change was carried out via two specialized helicopters.

Over 13 000 t. of pipes and specialized equipment were handled in the Logistics Base during the third drilling. This equipment arrived from various points around the world and was accepted, duly inspected and handled by our team through a specialized software. The equipment was later on echeloned in accordance with the architecture of the drilling project and send to the drilling vessel.

The Logistics base in Lesport handled more than 30 visits of the PSVs. The colleagues from Nord Marine, Romania handled over 10 visits respectively in the specialized port Midia, North of Constanta.

Bon Marine team comprising of own and external specialists, carried out the project in a perfect manner given its very specific challenges. The slogan “One team, one aim, safety for all” was 100 % kept and during the operations, there was no incident, environmental pollution or delay of drilling operations due to fault of the Logistics operator. The intensity and responsibility of the operations was very high, including 14 night shifts for handling the PSVs.

For the specialists of Bon Marine this was another great experience and knowledge achievement in a little explored industrial sector in the country, namely offshore oil and gas explorations. Many of the colleagues took the advantage to acquire new certificates in accordance with their participation in the project – health, safety and environment; specialized loading – unloading operations; dangerous cargo handling; First Aid, etc.

After the analysis of the drill and in coordination with the partners of Repsol and OMV, Total E&P Bulgaria will further decide on the next steps and investments in Bulgaria.