In 2015 Bon Marine Logistics Ltd. supported by their colleagues from the other companies within Bon Marine group, in consortium with Geodis Wilson Spain SLU, have won the tender announced by Total E&P Bulgaria B.V. for provision of Integrated logistics services: Personnel, Office, Shore base, Storage, Lifting services, Handling, provision supply (water, fuel), Transport, Waste Management, rent of cargo transportation and quay services. This project will be in block 1-21 “Khan Asparuh”, located in the exclusive economic zone of Republic of Bulgaria in the Black Sea.
Up till now the companies in the Bon Marine group have completed provision of services for two successful exploration drillings. The first drill, called Polshkov -1 started January 2016 and the active phase continued till September 2016.
The second Total drill was conducted start July 2017 till January 2018 and called Rubin – 1 was carried out after result assessment and mobilization of necessary equipment.
The drill itself was carried out by the drilling vessel Globetrotter II, owned by the American consortium Noble Drilling. She was supported by three other specialized vessels type PSV and the crew change was done via helicopters.
During drilling operations, in the Logistics Base in Lesport were received and distributed over 20 000 t. of pipes and specialized equipment, as well as servicing the vessels over 100 times with more than 70 specialist in the field.
Bon Marine employees were in charge of freight forwarding, customs, agency and wholesome administration of the Logistics base. Entrusted with this specific project were other highly qualified specialist in the field which contributed with experience and quality.

Together with the specific knowledge gained in the performance of the two drillings, the staff of Bon Marin demonstrated great growth and excellence in the health, safety and environmental direction. With a total of more than 22,000 man hours, a 0 (zero) record of incidents, environmental pollution, or drilling delays have been achieved as a result of the logistics operator's fault.
Total E&P are expected to announce their decisions in regards to a third exploration drill till the end of April 2018.