of integrated onshore logistics bases.
Logistics Base Services cover the provision of all operations as per the project scope of work - including, but not limited to:
■ Development and commissioning of operation sites (offices, pipe-racks yards, warehouses, maintenance areas etc.) as per the Client’s technical specifications;
■ Management of logistics services within and between the Shore Base, Warehouse and other areas;
■ On-shore transportation services with follow up transfer of goods to the jetty, loading and offloading of supply vessels;
■ Loading/offloading of trailers, temporary storage of materials and equipment in a designated area;
■ Supervision of all operations concerning mooring and un-mooring of vessels;
■ Monitoring and control of Logistic Base access parallel to port procedures;
■ Freight Forwarding Operations (local, international);
■ Customs Clearance (Import and Export, Excise duty, Bunkering);
■ Warehousing facilities and services (stock management); including Dangerous Goods Storage;
■ Rental of specialised Vehicles and equipment, dedicated Cargo Carrying Units
Implementation of all relevant process documentation and project HSSE systems. The most critical documents are listed below:

1) HSE Management System, including:
■ Health and Safety Policy:
■ Job Risk assessment and management
■ Anomaly and incident management, Key Performance Indicators (both HSE and Operational)
■ Safety inductions; Implementation of Permits to work system and daily Toolbox meetings;
■ Respect for the environment and local communities;
■ Design of Procedures concerning:
- Waste management
- Emergency and Medevac
- Vehicles and driving
- Alcohol and Drug policy
2) Quality Management System including:
■ Quality plan describing quality requirements and their implementation depending on the contracted services - quality objectives and indicators;
■ Organisational chart with job descriptions and relationships with other entities, groups, departments or disciplines;
■ Dedicated quality organisation and key personnel;
■ Quality inspections, audits and records;
■ Control of other subcontractors and vendors
3) Technical Project Plan, comprising:
■ Elaboration of Technical cards covering all processes and activities on site;
■ Maintenance plans for all equipment and facilities;
■ Filing and recording of all project technical documentation;
■ Lifting operation procedures - recording and reporting procedures regarding the lifting equipment, examination philosophy (colour coding, control of portable and fix lifting equipment, slings, CCUs (cargo carrying units) etc.
■ Competency and training of personnel;
■ Hazard identification and lifting risk assessment

Recruitment and management of the key personnel required for the project – major steps:
■ Iidentification of the key personnel requirements for the implementation of contracted services - positions and numbers.
■ Design of the organisational chart with interconnections to the remaining stakeholders on the project;
■ Recruitment of necessary personnel on the local and international sector labour markets, using specialised partner agencies for the most highly qualified positions. Securing all necessary types of visas and work permits.
■ Structuring and implementation of a Human Resources Management Plan in scope: mobilisation plan; training matrix incl. HSE training (proper storage and maintenance of training records, periodical performance review documentation and training plans); provision of proper PPE (personal protective equipment).
■ Identification of optimal working conditions and working hours, forms of remuneration and incentive programs;
■ Accommodation (facility management); transport, catering, PPEs, medical insurance etc
Labour, migration and tax legislation – advice on best practices.
■ Interface with all governmental institutions and stakeholders relevant to the project;
■ Customer consulting on relevant topics related to labour, taxation, excise and other specific legislation. Analysis of potential risks and solutions proposal;
■ Organisation and participation in various meetings and official events.
■ Inauguration of companies (Bulgarian legal entities), customs representation, EORI and VAT registration;
■ Recruitment and HR management services, work permits, acknowledgment of qualification and education of foreign citizens seconded to Bulgaria
Related services
The official inauguration of the integrated onshore logistics base servicing the drilling operations in Block “Han Asparuh” (the first deep-water exploration of oil & gas in the Bulgarian Black Sea EEZ) was held on 5 February 2016.  Governmental officials, business representatives and project partners attended the event.
The onshore base is located at terminal port Lesport. The drilling is executed by the drillship Globetrotter II, owned by the US consortium Noble Drilling. The drillship is assisted by three specialised platform supply vessels (PSV). The campaign started in January 2016 and is expected to last for 1 year with option to extend depending on the initial results. The first exploratory drilling started in May 2016
The successful execution of this project is of national importance to Bulgaria.

Oil and gas exploration and drilling both onshore and offshore 

Ever since 1993, the company has secured numerous long-term contracts, including Texaco, British Gas, Union Pacific, Diamond Offshore, TOTAL and has become Bulgaria’s leading company in offshore drilling logistics.

■ Oil & Gas exploration and drilling offshore in Bulgaria and Romania - Melrose / Petroceltic - long-term contract from …. to 2016

■ Melron Petroleum Egypt, a subsidiary of Melrose Resources UK - Construction of gas exploition plant in Mansura, Egypt. Started 2009 and continued upto 2015;

■ Exclusive agent of South Stream Transport B.V. for Bulgaria;

■ 4 contracts for different logistics services with SAIPEM with respect to the South Stream project in 2014 and 2015.

■ Contract with TOTAL for the provision of full logistics base services in Bulgaria for the deep water drilling in Han Asparuh block. This project is in progress.

■ Contract with Noble Drilling for all agency services related to the TOTAL drilling operations, especially attending drill vessel Noble Globetrotter II. This project is in progress.

■ Various contracts with suppliers of TOTAL for the project.  

Experience in construction of gas pipelines (sea and land sections)
Period Trace Lenght Contractor / Performer
2003 - 2004
Production well Galata –Compressor station Rakitnik
23 km
Petreco SARL / GMC Ltd. UK
Compressor station Rakitnik– Compressor station Provadia
65 km
Petreco SARL / Transtroy Varna
Production well Galata – Production well in block Kavarna 2
8,4 km
Melrose Resources / GSP Ro
Production well Galata – Production well in block Kliakra 2
13,8 km
Melrose Resources / GSP Ro
Production well Galata – Production well in block Kavarna 2
2,9 km
Melrose Resources / GSP Ro
Block Kaliakra 2 – Block Galata East 3
1,7 km
Melrose Resources / GSP Ro
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